A Walk in the Jungle

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View of Clarkes Court Bay where Snowflake is anchored.

The crew on s/v Snowflake loves a bit of adventure and exploration. After a long week or varnishing, writing and editing, and various other projects, we decided it was time to explore our new backyard in Clarkes Court Bay.


Saturday morning, we took our little dinghy to the dinghy dock at Clarkes Court Boatyard in search of a path into the woods. We started out on a small footpath with great views of the anchorage. The path winded through the woods and eventually lead to a dirt road. Looking left, we saw the bridge to Hog Island and we guessed that going right would take us to Secret Harbor or Mount Hartman Bay.

Interesting flowers along the footpath.

Straight ahead was another footpath through the jungle. Feeling adventurous, we went straight. The footpath wound through the jungle and brought us to a small beach just across from Hog Island. That’s where we lost the trail and found ourselves making our own path through the bush. Following voices, we found ourselves amongst trees that appeared to produce some type of pea. Two local men were picking peas, spoke to us and told us that we were in their garden. Oops! We apologized, turned around and found our way back to the dirt road. This time, still feeling adventurous, we decided to take the route that we thought would end up in Secret Harbor.

Small beach we found with a nice view of the Hog Island anchorage.

After walking down the dirt road, seeing nothing but jungle on either side of us, we saw someone further down the road, walking towards us. Stopping to chat with Shaun, we learned that the road would branch off further down. He told us that going right would take us back to Clarkes Court, but left would take us to Secret Harbor. Shaun then told us about Sunday’s BBQ at Hog Island and invited us to come and enjoy the food and live music.

A couple of goats starting a ruckus along the dirt road.

After shaking hands with Shaun and parting ways, we continued on down the road, walked through the Mount Hartman Dove Sanctuary, and eventually found ourselves on a paved road which lead to Secret Harbor. Walking around, checking things out, we noticed people setting up tents and food trucks in preparation for the Grenada Sailing Week celebrations.

Deciding that it was time to find a place to sit and enjoy our packed lunch, we left Secret Harbor and started the walk towards Prickly Bay beach. What a rewarding stop, enjoying our lunch on such a beautiful little beach.

View from Prickly Bay beach.

Leaving the beach, we walked a little further down to stop at the West Indies Brewery to check wifi on the phone. After enjoying a couple of craft beers and chatting with the owner, we packed up and started the hike back towards Clarkes Court.

Inside West Indies Brewery

On the way back, we took the different route to Clarkes Court and quickly found ourselves surrounded by mud. Flashbacks of the Hash consumed our thoughts. (If you don’t know what a Hash is, click here.) Turning back to go the way we came, we met a local man who was going the way we wanted to go. After confirming that he was going to Clarkes Court and that he walked that road every day, we figured we would follow him around the mud. It was a good thing we did! This guy, I believe his name was Coutin, would weave around mud puddles in the road, trekking up into the bush where it was a bit dryer and more walkable. Occasionally, we found ourselves with no choice but to dodge the mud puddles, almost slipping several times but miraculously staying on our feet. Coutin slowed down the pace and held a few branches back for us along the way, making sure that we didn’t lose him. It was obvious that he knew the way. And I’m sure he had a good laugh at our expense once he got home!

Cows chilling out on the way back to Clarkes Court.

Finally, the dirt road lead us out of the jungle and Coutin stopped, pointed towards a footpath down an overgrown hill that was barely noticeable. He told us that he was going that way to go home, but explained to us that we needed to continue on down the road and we would end up in Clarkes Court boatyard.

On the way back to Clarkes Court.

Thanking Coutin and shaking hands with him, we continued on our way, a little mud on our shoes, but not too much. Just before we got to the boatyard, we heard a lovely sound. The sound of an ice cream truck! For the amazing price of .93 cents (USD) we purchased a cup of homemade nutmeg ice cream and it was delicious!

Words of wisdom along the way back to Clarkes Court.

Climbing back into the dinghy at the dinghy dock, we smiled and talked about the great day we had and how incredibly lucky we are. Motoring towards Snowflake, we remembered Shaun’s invitation to the beach BBQ, we excitedly talked about going to Hog Island the next day.

Clarkes Court bay and boatyard.

Ending the day, much like we end most days, we sat on Snowflake’s bow and enjoyed a rum punch while the sun started it’s decent and the Caribbean breeze whistled through the rigging.

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