How to Take Action and Discover Your Passion

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Are you longing for a life filled with passion, a meaningful career that works with the lifestyle you want for yourself? What’s holding you back from taking action and making it happen in this new year?

Wait… what? You don’t know what your passion is?

If you are unsure of what you are passionate about, then perhaps you haven’t found anything that really resonates with you and your life. Maybe you have things that you enjoy such as playing guitar, reading, journaling, exercising; but none of those things really gets you excited.

On the other hand, perhaps you have found your passion but you are overlooking it due to the fact that you never realized you could build a career around that passion. Because of this, you may have lost sight of your passion over time, slowly forgetting about it.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

Believe it or not, many people go through their entire lives never discovering or realizing their passion, only to continue working in jobs they hate. A big reason for this is the simple fact that they let their fears prevent them from finding or pursuing their passions. You aren’t born knowing your passion. Finding your passion requires action, inquisitiveness, and courage.

If you are ready to take action in 2017 and find your passion, there are six ways you can do this.

  1. Consider what you like.

First, figure out what you like to do and what you don’t like to do. Make two lists and start adding things to each list accordingly. Things that you add to the list can encompass hobbies and work experiences.

For example, maybe you worked once as a sales rep and you really hated having to close deals. Alright, so now you’ve established the fact that you do not like sales. Write this down in the dislike column.

Maybe you once volunteered for Meals on Wheels and you really enjoyed the opportunity to help others. Helping others is something that you like to do, so add this to the like column.

Continue on with any other work experience and hobbies that you have. Whatever it is, write it down. By clearly establishing what you like and what you don’t like, you will be able to narrow down what you could be passionate about.

  1.   What did you enjoy as a child?

I once heard it said that if you are not sure what your passion is, then you should think back to what you really enjoyed doing as a child. Based on my personal experience, I have found this to be true.

For example, when I was a small child, I loved meeting new people and learning about their past experiences. Believe it or not, my career goal at the ripe age of five was to be a taxi driver so that I could meet a lot of different people. Later on, in middle school and early on in highschool, I loved writing short stories and poetry.

Today, my passions encompass these same things that I enjoyed as a child. While I am not a taxi driver, nor a novelist or poet, my existing career embraces writing and meeting new people. The same things that I enjoyed as a child are the same things that I am passionate about today.

Think back to what you enjoyed as a child and how those same things could possibly be your passions today.

  1. Try something new.

If you haven’t found something that you have passion about, a lot of times it could mean that you haven’t tried the right thing yet. Consider trying new things and you may find something that really sparks passion within your life.

Some examples of this could be signing up for a class at the local college, taking an online course, trying your hand at a new hobby like cooking, making videos, or anything that remotely interests you.

  1. Talk to people you know.

A lot of times, your family and friends know you better than you think. Talk with them and explain to them that you are on a quest to find your passion. Perhaps they have noticed something that you are really good at, but you never thought much about.

For example, maybe your friends all notice that you are a doodler; you are always drawing cartoon characters on your notes or calendar. For you, this may have just been a simple pass-time that you never really gave much thought to. Your friends may see some real potential there and point this out to you. Perhaps art is something you could delve deeper into and be passionate about.

  1. Meet new people.

The more people you meet and speak with, the more you will see what others are passionate about. You may not have found your passion yet because you didn’t realize it was out there.

For example, maybe you meet a new person who builds a career around crewing on sailboats for a living. That person is likely passionate about sailing and traveling to other places. If this is a way of life you were never introduced to, you may not have realized that it was possible. Maybe you discover that sailing sounds like something you want to try and see if you are passionate about it.

  1. Travel

If you really want to meet more people and open yourself up to different points of views and lifestyles, consider traveling more.

For example, maybe you decide to travel to Spain and finally put to use the Spanish you learned in school. While traveling throughout Spain, you meet expats who are teaching English to Spanish students. Perhaps that is something that you find really interesting and would like to try.


The point I’m driving at is for you to refrain from settling and believing that there isn’t anything you are passionate about, only to continue working in a job that doesn’t bring you joy. Make the effort and put yourself out there, figure out what you could do that might bring passion and joy to your life. It’s out there—you just haven’t found it yet. Don’t give up!

What will you do today to take action towards finding your passion?