Turning A Dream Into Reality

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There has been a lengthy silence here at Prepare to Tack. I will not apologize for that silence because, to put it bluntly, I’m not sorry. Not one little bit.

Yes, I offer career coaching services through Prepare to Tack, but that’s not really what this site is all about. Prepare to Tack is all about discovering and pursuing your passion, creating a life that you’ve always dreamed of.

I want to share with you the reason why I have been silent for a while. Over the last several months, I have been very busy pursuing a passion of mine — sailing. This year has been a big year. Moving from Germany onto the sailboat (Snowflake) full time, taking on a steady load of freelance assignments with some of my favorite clients, and preparing a thirty-year old catamaran for ocean voyaging.

As I write this post, I am sitting in the cockpit of Snowflake, with the impressive rock of Gibraltar as my office view. We have sailed around one thousand nautical miles this year to get to this point (from south of France, to the Balearic Islands, down the coast of Spain, to Gibraltar). In the next week or so, we plan to start a journey of around 3,400 nautical miles. That journey will first take us to the tropical Canary Islands, then to the exotic Cape Verde Islands, and onward to the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean Ocean.

This is a huge journey for Snowflake and her crew. Snowflake has made this same voyage in the past with previous owners, but it will be the first time for her to carry this crew across, the first ocean crossing for her present crew, and her first ocean passage in over seven years now. So, there have been many updates and projects we have been completing on her for the last year — bringing her back to her former glory as a blue water cruising catamaran. This is what Richard Woods designed her for and once again she is ready to prove herself blue water capable.

It has been hard work this year. Many people think living and sailing on boat is all sunshine, boat drinks, and fun. While we do have some of that, we also have been working extremely hard to prepare ourselves and Snowflake. And we wouldn’t change it for anything. Because crossing the Atlantic — it’s a dream. It’s something that once seemed so far out of reach, but now entirely possible.

With that said, I’m changing the content of this blog — temporarily for now. I will still offer my coaching services, but for now I will not be as focused on this in blog posts. Instead, I will share with you a glimpse into my sailing adventure because I think it is important for me to show you that you can create a life of your dreams. It is possible; you can do it with a lot of determination and hard work…and with an open mind. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because they will. They will tell you things like, “you’re not being realistic,” or “people just don’t do that,” or “you’re crazy,” or “it’s impossible.” They will tell you it can’t be done, but don’t let them take away your dreams. I know I’m not.

So, stay tuned for future posts. It’s going to be an exciting adventure and I am stoked to share it with you!

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