Now or Never

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Live aboard cruisers have a saying. It goes something like . . . “if you wait until the boat is perfect, you may never leave the dock.”

This saying can apply to many things in life. If you don’t take action, you will never move forward.

When I moved forward with Prepare to Tack, things were far from perfect. I didn’t have an actual logo or brand, and I wasn’t exactly sure of all the products or services I would offer. Recording my first video was a nervous event—so far outside of my comfort zone and filled with many re-takes and frustrated groans upon watching the feed. Things were far from perfect.

But I did it anyway.

You see, I knew that if I didn’t take the step when I did, I would find myself a year later still waiting for things to be just perfect. Pushing down those annoying feelings of perfectionism that I struggle with at times, I decided that I would do the best I could do and take action. By telling myself that I was doing the best I could do with what I had, I was able to move forward and share my story and knowledge.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” —Arthur Ashe

Today, not quite five months since I started Prepare to Tack, I look back and feel proud at how far I’ve come.

Is my logo perfect? Well, I think it’s pretty dang awesome since Elizabeth Hare helped me out with creating a new look!

Is my website perfect? Probably not, but it’s growing and I believe it provides a wealth of knowledge to people who are looking for something different in their professional lives. Each day, I receive new subscribers to the site and while I don’t have a lot of commenters, this still tells me that some people are finding value in my posts.

Are my videos perfect? Oh gosh, no! Even today, I have to tame the nervous butterflies each time I prepare to record a video. I still groan and slap my forehead when I watch the feed for the first time. BUT . . . I think my videos are improving. I’m learning many new skills. I’m also learning to conquer one of my fears by stepping outside of my comfort zone in order to share my thoughts with people who may benefit from my knowledge and ideas. While I don’t have many subscribers yet, I see that people from all over the world are watching my entire videos, and even sharing some of them. This tells me that there are people who are finding value in certain video posts.

So, while it’s been a struggle and quite awkward at times, I can honestly look back over these last five months and say that I’m very happy I took action when I did. And I bet that in a year from now, I will be even happier!

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” —Karen Lamb

The desire for perfection can be so limiting—preventing us from pursuing our dreams and passions. In my experience of constant change over the last several years of my life, I’ve found that just taking the initial step—taking action—and moving forward a little bit at a time is far better than sitting still.

While Prepare to Tack is still not quite perfect, it is a work in progress and each day I’m learning and improving.

With that said, I’d like to thank those of you who have communicated, personally, with me and helped me to make improvements along the way. Your feedback and suggestions have meant more to me than I could possibly express.  

Now, my question for you: What’s holding you back from taking action and pursuing your career dreams?