Your Passion Doesn’t Have to Match Your Career!

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Have you found your passion but don’t want it to be your money-maker?

Maybe you’re not exactly sure that you want to encompass your career around your passion, or maybe it’s just not possible. Perhaps, you prefer to have a career that you enjoy, which allows you time to pursue your passion.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

It can work and you can make it happen!

If you’ve been following this blog, then you might be a bit surprised to hear me say this. But I think the key goal to keep in mind here is the importance of actually having time to focus on your passions and live a happier life.

If you’re not following me, let me give you some examples.

Part-Time Sally

I have a long-time friend, we’ll just call her Sally. She had a successful career as a Recruiter and worked her way up the ladder to Branch Manager. She enjoyed her job, thrived in the challenging work and ever-changing atmosphere.

However, once Sally had her daughter, her feelings towards her career changed. No longer did she feel the excitement of being in the office and climbing the next rung on the ladder.

Every day she left before the sun rose, kissing her baby goodbye with tears in her eyes, knowing that she wouldn’t see her until well after 6:00 pm that evening due to her overwhelming work schedule. It broke her heart every day, thinking about all of the moments she was missing with her baby girl.

It didn’t take Sally long to realize that her passion did not lie in climbing the corporate ladder. Instead, her passion was to spend time with her daughter.

After reviewing the family budget and expenses with her husband, they quickly realized that if they cut back on a few things in the budget, they could afford for Sally to take a lesser paying job in order for her to spend more time with the baby.

Taking action, Sally spoke with her manager, explaining the changes in her life. While her manager didn’t have a part-time opportunity for Sally, he did have a contact at another company that could benefit from her knowledge and expertise in sourcing candidates.

Within three months, after meeting with her boss’s contact, Sally had landed a part-time job as a Resume Sourcer with the new company. The best part of the position—she could work from home!

Was Sally passionate about sourcing resumes? Not exactly, but it was something that she enjoyed doing. While Sally was still working and maintaining her career in Recruiting, she was simply doing something that she enjoyed in order to pursue her passion—spending more time with her daughter.

Keep Your Daydream Podcast

Tricia, from the Keep Your Daydream Podcast, speaks with people from all over who have chased their dreams and passions, foregoing the status quo.

A while back, I listed to a podcast Tricia had with Tracy Rodriguez. Tracy and her husband wanted to travel and show their kids the world. What did Tracy do, when flights were so expensive? She got a job as a flight attendant and used it to her family’s advantage to get discounted tickets or additional travel points.

Traveling became a new way of life for Tracy and her family. Was Tracy passionate about being a flight attendant? It doesn’t appear so, but it also sounds like it was something that she didn’t mind doing in order to focus on her passion of family travel.  

If you haven’t listened to any of the KYD podcasts, I highly recommend you check them out. There are numerous great examples of many people who have turned their dreams into reality.

Bussing tables to Ski

A couple of weeks ago, a friend shared with me a story of someone he knows who did whatever it took to pursue his passion. His friend was so passionate about skiing that it was all he ever talked about.

A few years back, he was working as a sales rep, earning a six-figure salary. Was he proud of his success? Of course, but something was missing. Skiing. He loved to ski but the pressures of his job only allowed him around 2 weeks a year at the ski slopes.

One day, on a skiing holiday, he decided that he was going to make some changes in order to enjoy his life and pursue his passion of skiing.

After some inquiries at his favorite ski slope, he quickly learned that he could get a job bussing tables, be provided with modest lodging onsite, and have several hours free each day to ski. With some careful thought and consideration, he turned in notice, left his job as a sales rep, and moved to the ski slopes.

While bussing tables wasn’t his passion, it also wasn’t something that he dreaded. And the best part—it allowed him the opportunity to pursue his passion of skiing.

Other examples

There are so many other examples of people pursuing their passions without actually making money from their passions.

For example, there are numerous digital nomads—world-wide—who are funding their travel passions through freelancing, web design, writing, billing, coding, virtual assisting, etc. They are doing this work not because it’s their passion, but because it allows them to travel and see the world, spending time on the things they love.

So, if you are considering a career or job that isn’t necessarily a passion of yours, but will allow you to pursue your passion, I want to share with you a bit of advice.

The key take away here is to make sure that the career or job you choose is something that you enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be a passion, but at the same time it shouldn’t be something that you dread or don’t enjoy.

What changes can you make to your career in order to make more time for your passions?